House Rules

House Rules

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We welcome you to our residence and hope that you settle comfortably in the home that you will be sharing with other Heron Square tenants. We want you to have a happy and productive year.

We have set down some ground rules, which we expect everyone to follow to help you all live together in harmony and with mutual respect. We encourage all of you to resolve any issues that arise between yourselves in the spirit of these rules.

We will get involved when we need to, and may terminate leases for residents who do not adhere to these rules:


In the community spirit of HERON SQUARE, all residents are encouraged to welcome and support newcomers. Assistance in settling in, caring and introductions will be appreciated.


Alcohol may be kept and consumed, as long as it’s done in moderation. Binge drinking and acting in an intoxicated or disorderly manner is not acceptable or respectable to others.


Individual behaviour in the Common Areas is expected to be of high standard. – Do not leave your dirty dishes lying around. The cleaners’ job is to clean the communal areas, not wash your dirty dishes. – Do not store or prepare food in your rooms. There is enough space in the kitchen.

Please set up a system to identify whose food belongs to whom.  No crockery, cutlery or kitchen utensils are to be removed from the kitchen. If you have ten dirty coffee cups hidden in your room, others won’t be able to use them.


The possession, cultivation, usage, or selling of any non-prescribed or illegal drugs is prohibited as is the possession of any equipment to aid the use of illegal drugs substances. Breaches of this rule, in any form, by resident and/or guest will in all likelihood lead to the termination of residency and the case being passed onto the police.


All accidents which occur and involve a resident at Heron Square, must be reported to the management promptly. This also applies to any incident that occurs which is of a criminal nature and affects the safety/well-being/security of residents.


The possession of firearms by a resident or their guests within the property is strictly forbidden. Contravention of this rule will likely lead to the termination of residency.


A resident shall be responsible for the behaviour/conduct of their guests whilst they are on the property. All guests must vacate the property by 10pm without any disturbance to the other residents. Should one of your guest’s sleepover, you will be charged R250. Failure to notify us will result in a charge of R1 000 which must be paid in cash immediately.


Harassment of any form by a resident and/or their guests has no place at Heron Square No.1CC. Any serious incidents of harassment may lead to the immediate termination of residency.


As Heron Square is an environment for study and high density living, the generation of EXCESSIVE NOISE OF ANY KIND IS TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL TIMES. A resident is also expected to take responsibility for noise by asking others around them to be quiet when they are being unreasonably noisy, as well as lowering their own noise levels when being requested by others. A resident shall not commit or allow any act upon the premises, which will cause a disturbance, nuisance or annoyance to adjoining properties. A resident shall therefore show consideration for neighbours of the property and avoid making excessive noise.

10. PETS

A resident shall not keep, or encourage, any pets within or on the property, unless written permission is obtained from Management.


1. Heron Square No.1CC Management reserves the right to enter any room when deemed necessary.

2. A resident shall accept all reasonable responsibilities for their bedroom and all its contents. A resident shall keep their room and all its contents in a clean and tidy condition at all times and shall not facilitate any accumulation of rubbish.

3. A resident shall maintain all fittings, furnishings in a good and sound condition.

4. A resident shall be responsible for all damages to their bedroom, or to the property in general, resulting from negligent or wilful acts by them and/or their guests caused to Heron Square No.1CC property. Any damage must be reported to the management team promptly.

5. A resident shall not paint, deface, wallpaper, or make any structural alterations. Prestick may only be used to affix things to the walls.

6. A resident shall not attempt/effect any repairs by themselves.

7. No furniture is to be removed from any bedroom. No additional furniture is permitted to any room in the residence without first obtaining permission from the management.

8. Furniture, fittings and equipment provided in any communal area of the property belonging to Heron Square No.1CC, is not permitted to be removed from the respective area. Such items are to be treated with all due care and regard. (No communal items are allowed to be stored in one’s room)

9. A resident may have a refrigerator, a fan, and oil heater or wall heater in their bedroom but shall not add other electrical items such as kettles, toasters, or any other cooking appliances. Under no circumstances will any open bar heaters be permitted. This is for safety reasons.

10. The throwing or dropping of any article from a window, or within any area internally by a resident or guest is prohibited and may result in termination of residency.

11. No incense, fragrant candles, or essential burners are to be lit.

12. A resident is responsible for the cost of replacing keys lost or damaged. Replacements are to be purchased from the owners. A resident is strictly prohibited from making a duplicate of any key of the residence.


Any action of a resident and/or their guests, which may threaten the safety of the property, its residence, and/or their guests may result in the termination of residency.

– Bars are fitted to all windows of the building for the safety of a resident. Removal of these bars is prohibited.

– Security gates are installed at the entrance to each unit. These gates should be kept closed and locked at all times. Forcing them open with objects is prohibited.


Smoking is not permitted in the buildings. Heron Square is a smoke free environment. Smoking must only be conducted outside the buildings. Cigarette butts must be properly extinguished and disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner. Should a room be found to have been contaminated/soiled from any form of smoking, a resident shall be charged for the commercial cleaning of all furnishings- this will include beds, curtains and any fabric furniture.


A resident shall, at all times, comply with any rules laid down, or instructions given, by the Management and members of the management team and/or any duly authorised agent/s of Heron Square No.1 CC and must comply with all SOUTH AFRICAN LAW. Such rules are formulated with a view to the safety and welfare of a resident, consideration for the needs of others, and for the protection of property.