About Us


Heron Square was established in 2010. In 2011 we started bringing affordable student accommodation in Observatory with close proximity to learning establishments. We have since developed a number of student and young professional accommodation in the Observatory and Mowbray areas. At Heron Square we are striving to continuously upgrade our existing properties as well as identify and develop new properties in our area.


To understand and engage with our tenants, such as the service we are offering them is exceeding their expectations.
We also strive to continuously upgrade our existing properties as well as identifying and developing new properties in our area.

The ultimate goal is to retain our satisfied tenants.
We are further dedicated to uplifting the areas by being environmentally aware and responsible as well as increasing our security presence so that our precinct is greatly improved and much safer


For Heron Square to be recognised and respected as the best student and young professional accommodation in Cape Town.

To achieve this we offer secure, comfortable and affordable accommodation with a dedicated service and maintenance team in place.

Our Values


At Heron Square we endeavor to maintain an open and honest relationship with our students and their parents. In so doing, our actions will show respect for what is right as well as our high regard for ethical and moral integrity.


As responsible landlords we are committed to ensuring that we follow through with our ‘promises’. Having a team of professionals to meet the needs of our students, is something about which we place great importance. Be this in the form of our undertaking to the upkeep of their accommodation to general assistance and guidance, we strive to make our students feel as comfortable and as safe as possible in their new environment.


As landlords, we strive to perform and function in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. We have a great appreciation for the values of effectiveness and efficiency and are determined to do the right things while being able to do things right